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Temporary, Temp-to-Hire & Full-Time
The cost-effective quality solution for...
Save time and money
We respond in 45 minutes or less
Each assignment is our top priority
Top-quality performance guaranteed
Supplying personnel to a wide range of industries

If you don't know us - it's time you do!

Imagine what your company could do if, with one telephone call, you could have all your industrial personnel needs met. Through Industrial Services Company you can! We offer experienced and talented professionals to meet your needs, whatever they may be.

By using Industrial Services Company employees you can be assured of having the right personnel when you need them and only when you need them, whether it's for four hours or four months. We pay all wages, taxes, and insurance on the workers we send you, freeing you to concentrate on the job at hand.

Temporary, Temp-to-Hire & Full-Time

Industrial Services Company can solve your personnel needs, whether it's temporary help you need or a full time position that needs to be filled.

By filling a full time position with a temp-to-hire employee you get the person you need now! This also gives you the opportunity to evaluate the candidate before adding them to your payroll. After working 550 hours they can officially become your employee -- NO conversion fee! NO balloon payment!

The cost-effective quality solution for... overload, employee vacations, illness or medical absences, special projects, business peaks, and other important staffing situations.

Save time and money

By supplementing your workforce with Industrial Services Company, you can significantly reduce your costs of recruiting/advertising, insurance, holiday pay, sick leave and overtime, as well as other "hidden costs."

Industrial Services Company saves you time, too. The workers are employed by us, so we take care of the costly and time-consuming tasks involved with:

        temp to hire placement        payroll & taxes
        worker compensation           reference checks
        unemployment insurance        advertising costs
        safety training/OSHA/BATT     safety monitoring
        drug/physicals available      applicant interviews

We respond in 45 minutes or less

When you request personnel from us, we go to work immediately to find the right person to meet or exceed your requirements. Within 45 minutes we can update you on the status of your order.

Before sending the individual to you, we make sure he or she is fully briefed on the nature of the assignment and on specific requirements.

Each assignment is our top priority

We consider every assignment important, and so do our workers! They work hard to earn good performance reports from you so they can qualify for promotions, assignment priority, and bonuses from us.

Top-quality performance guaranteed

Industrial Services Company recruits the best talent through in-depth interviewing, evaluation programs, and reference checking, using the latest methods.

Supplying personnel to a wide range of industries

Industrial Services Company specializes in filling the needs of companies in the following industries, and many others:

 Environmental  Petroleum        Chemical       Engineering 
 R&D            Construction     Electronics    Manufacturing 
 Warehouse      Office           Distribution   Delivery 
 Retail stores  Drivers (A&B)    And more... 
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