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Note: Please include cover letter and indicate which job you are applying for.

Photo Editor
Full time, regular
Reports to Multimedia Manager

We are seeking a qualified person to take on all aspects of Web multimedia production work. The duties include selecting, scanning and preparing photographs to accompany articles from the San Francisco Chronicle, scanning and preparing photographs from SFGate wire services and in-house photographers, and digitizing/editing video segments from television news broadcasts.

Work closely with news writers and editors to deliver web content in an accurate and timely manner.
Select and prepare still photographs for presentation inside online news articles.
Prepare photos, layouts, illustrations and PDF files for Web presentation.
Capture and encode video segments from KRON and BayTV news broadcasts.

Experience with the Macintosh operating system.
Strong Adobe Photoshop skills.
Familiarity with Web browsers and E-mail applications.
Basic working knowledge of Web authoring tools (BBEdit) and understanding of HTML
Awareness of Web media file types (JPEG, Animated GIF, QuickTime, MPEG and RealMedia.
Good reading/writing skills and attention to spelling are essential.

Working knowledge of Adobe Acrobat, InDesign, and Illustrator.
Familiarity with Media Cleaner and/or Adobe Premiere.
Interest in and commitment to the requirements of daily journalism.
General knowledge of Bay Area news, geography, history, biographies.

Marketing Director
Regular, Full-Time

Manage promotional and advertising activities.
Work closely with The Gate General Manager, Sales Manager and production team to develop new market opportunities and methods.
Supervise tracking and statistical analysis of demographics and usage.
Develop methods for targeting.
Analyze strategic relationships and affiliations.
Marketing experience in the Internet or media fields required.
Ability to effectively manage multiple work activities.
Successful applicant will have excellent communication skills and be a good team player.

Software Engineer
Regular, Full Time

Develop and enhance a large news web site
Improve site functionality and performance
Create automated data gathering, extraction and display systems
Deploy web content systems built on Open Source technologies including Linux, Perl, and PHP

Minimum of 4 years software development experience in C or Perl under UNIX
Experience with Bourne shell scripting and regular expression languages
Experience with Apache CGI development
XML, PHP, SQL and socket-level network programming skills a plus

Web Designer (2 Positions)
Regular, Full Time

SF Gate is looking for experienced, creative, enthusiastic and self-motivated individuals to take on a variety of design tasks in a fast-paced, content-rich, media web environment. The position involves all aspects of graphical design for the web, with some occasional print design.

Work closely with producers, programmers, editors, sales and marketing on a variety of design projects.
Design, prototype, layout, build and maintain HTML pages/sections.
Design and build header graphics and promotional banners for sales and marketing.
Manage small and large-scale design projects from concept to completion.
Assist in developing site-wide standards for future design and redesign projects.

Thrive on working within the presentation constraints of clear, elegant web layout and typography that a news and information site requires.
Good understanding of existing web design issues such as graphic compression, appropriate use of technology, formatting and programming solutions.
Advanced knowledge of HTML a must.
Experience with the following software essential: Adobe PhotoShop, Acrobat, Premiere, Image Ready, Telnet, Fetch, BB edit. Experience with Flash, Javascript or other programming languages a plus.
Formal design education preferred; illustration and drawing skills a plus.
1+ year experience working on a media-content web site is preferred.
Must submit cover letter along with a text-based resume. Please include links or urls for samples of work or online portfolios.

Information Designer
Regular, Full Time

SF Gate is looking for an energetic problem solver who is passionate about interface design to join our production design team.


Work cooperatively with designers, producers, editors and programmers to assist in creating and enhancing the optimal user experience on design and redesign projects.
Help shape standards for clarity of navigation and content presentation site-wide.
Define sound interface and elegant information design principles for all content-rich aspects of the site including searches, database listings, personalization, bulletin boards, conferences, e-commerce, etc.
Manage large and small-scale production projects from planning to completion.
Assist in the design and production of occasional printed marketing collateral.


Advanced knowledge of HTML, web design methodologies and their requisite tools.
Mastery of Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator/Quark, Telnet, Fetch, Adobe Acrobat and BBEdit or Allaire HomeSite.
Experience with Macromedia Dreamweaver or Adobe Go Live, Flash and other programming languages helpful.
Candidate should have either a formal graphic design education or 1+ years design experience on a content driven web site.
Please submit a cover letter and resume in text with links to digital portfolio or html samples.