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"You are the best. I found a job from your resource the first week. I've enjoyed reading the offerings that have been coming to me and will sign up again should the need arise. I've also told potential employers how great your service is. Thanks a lot!" - former JobFile Subscriber

"The applicants who tell me they saw it in JobFile move to the top of my review pile." - Media executive who lists with JobFile

Lost in the abyss of a job search?

Feel like you’ll never find a job that is right for you?

Overwhelmed and discouraged by the cryptic job market?

Don't have endless hours to hunt for jobs over the internet?

Well, you are not alone.

We’ve all been there.

JobFile is the solution.

We offer direct contact with the decision makers at top-knotch media organizations. We list REAL job openings, from entry-level to high level positions, from nonprofit organizations to corporate enterprises. There IS a job waiting for you. Look for yourself. Click on current employers and we guarantee that you will find an employer that you've only dreamt of figuring out how to contact.. Media Alliance has a successful track record of matching great job seekers with great opportunities. Furthermore,you'll receive JobFile directly twice a week via email or postal mail. The hassle of on-line and newspaper job hunting will be deleted from your schedule.

Sign up for JobFile today to join one of the Bay Area’s most competitive job listings.

Media Alliance offers one of the most comprehensive listings of media and media-related jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area. Each week we list more than 50 full-time, part-time, temporary and freelance jobs and internships in fields such as print media, film, broadcast, video, graphic design, photography, advertising, public relations, administration, and community organizing and advocacy. If you subscribe to JobFile we will e-mail you the listings twice a week! Or you can visit our offices in downtown San Francisco to take advantage of a $15 one day pass to view all listings and our resource library. Directions & map For membership rates, health insurance, discounts, publications, and more see our SERVICES. To sign up for JobFile Online, use our above or please call us at (415) 546-6334 x370.

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We list openings from a wide variety of employers, including the San Francisco International Film Festival, IDG Books, Wired, KRON TV, Larkin Street Youth Center, California Lawyers for the Arts, Ziff Davis Publishing, the Asian Art Museum, and many more.

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