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ma-dot.gif October 2000
  • Changes to California Overtime Exemptions
  • Investigatory Interviews: The Employee's Right to a Representative
  • Book Review: Intercultural Services
  • Making Change
  • A Gentle Word on Behalf of Our Business

ma-dot.gif July, 2000
  • Be the Bunny
  • EO Survey from OFCCP Here to Stay?
  • Overtime Exemptions in California
  • Recruiting from the Retired Population
  • New Web Resource for Workers' Comp
  • Comments on OFCCP Regulatory Proposals
  • The Youngest Rose
  • A Gentle Word on Behalf of Our Business

ma-dot.gif April, 2000
  • Staying Out of the EEO Doghouse: An HR Grievance Process for a Non-Union Organization
  • Are You an Applicant Abuser? (Don't Beat Up Jack)
  • Power Tools: Skills for Life
  • Finding Information About Presidential Candidates
  • Supreme Court limits Class Protected by ADA
  • 4th Edition of AAP Book Draws Acclaim
  • Words of Wisdom
  • A Gentle Word on Behalf of Our Business

ma-dot.gif January, 2000
  • New Employment Laws in California Start in January
  • OFCCP Now Collecting Pay Data With AAPs
  • AARP Offers Web Resources
  • HR Manager Personally Liable for FMLA Damages
  • Hot New Job Opportunity for Computer Experts
  • Workplace Violence: Preventing the Unthinkable
  • Computing the Cost of Turnover
  • A Gentle Word on Behalf of Our Business

ma-dot.gif October, 1999
  • New Report on Affirmative Action
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Resources
  • Pre-Employment Screening: Are You Legal?
  • FTC Ruling Confirmed
  • Top Recruiting Sources -- Survey Results
  • OFCCP Loses Fight to Protect Its Documents
  • California Workers' Comp Rates to Increase
  • Few Employers Cope With Worker Depression
  • A Gentle Word on Behalf of Our Business

ma-dot.gif July, 1999
  • The Balancing Act
  • Definition of Applicant ... An Expert's Guest Opinion
  • Comparable Worth: The Compensation Plan You Better Learn to Love
  • Clinton Administration Adding New Requirement for Federal Contractors
  • Can Coaching Programs Offer Solutions to Employers?
  • HR's Wild Ride
  • Wonders
  • A Gentle Word on Behalf of Our Business

ma-dot.gif April 1999
  • EEOC Announces Mediation Program Expansion
  • Web Search Service for College Grads' First Jobs
  • Donate to Charity When You Buy on the Web
  • California State Regulations Now on Web
  • IRS Mileage Rate Drops as of April 1st
  • Job Application Fees Prohibited in California
  • Budget Increase Proposl Means More Reviews by OFCCP
  • California Governor Appoints New Director for Department of Fair Employment and Housing
  • Employers Needed for Study on Record Keeping and Government Reporting
  • A Gentle Word on Behalf of Our Business

ma-dot.gif January 1999
  • Is it Safe to Leave Your Home Alone?
  • Gaining a Seat at the Table
  • Creating Interdepartmental Cooperation
  • Is Your HRMS at Risk from Hackers?
  • Supreme Court Lets Stand Employer's Hair Rule for Men
  • Sexual Harassment -- Case Requirements
  • A Gentle Word on Behalf of Our Business

ma-dot.gif October 1998
  • Workplace Violence: What a CEO Can Do to Reduce the Risk
  • California Supreme Court Gives Employers Bad News
  • Diversity Includes Disability
  • OFCCP Begins New Compliance Checks
  • OFCCP Merges Regions 9 & 10
  • Why Contractors Have Problems With the OFCCP During Compliance Audits
  • What is an Applicant? You're About to Find Out!
  • Some Local Changes Around the Country
  • P&G Once Again "Women-Friendly"
  • A Gentle Word on Behalf of Our Business

ma-dot.gif July 1998
  • The Welfare Reform Partnership
  • Employers' Liability for Supervisor Sexual Harassment
  • The First Step in Alternative Dispute Resolution: Fact-Finding

ma-dot.gif April 1998
  • New Employee Registry for ALL Employers
  • Uncooperative Employees
  • Problem: Attorneys as Investigators
  • California Wage Increase
  • EEOC Best Practices Task Force Report
  • Employers with "Best Practices" in Recruitment & Hiring
  • 1997 State Law Changes
  • We’re Offering New Resources to HR Professionals

ma-dot.gif January 1998
  • What Organizations and Individuals Have Done to Invite Workplace Violence
  • New Liability for California Employers
  • No More Daily Overtime Pay?
  • Sacred Cows?
  • Exempt Overtime Pay?
  • Take Your Ergonomic Break
  • Spurious Correlations
  • New Association Forming
  • Temperature Wars in Your Office?
  • What Keeps CEOs Awake?
  • California Ergonomics
  • New VETS-100 Filing Date and Address
  • Puzzlers
  • A Brief Word on Behalf of Our Business

ma-dot.gif October 1997
  • Unsafe Spy Ship
  • Vacation Policies
  • Hot New Diversity Book
  • Medical & Legal Skills Testing Software
  • Poor Motivation a Cause for Unethical Behavior
  • Mandatory Pilot Retirement Upheld
  • Texaco Tapes: How Did They Surface?
  • Employee Recognition
  • Overtime Liability
  • Credit Reports
  • Handbook Updates Required
  • Puzzlers

ma-dot.gif July 1997
  • California Overtime
  • Employment Poster
  • E-Mail Addresses
  • TMA, Inc. Receives Award for Internet Site
  • Minority Contracting Increases
  • HIPAA Regulations Issued
  • Clinton Proposes New Civil Rights Law
  • Proposed California Laws Impact Employers
  • Age Bias
  • New Federal Employee Registry
  • New Ergonomics Safety Standards in California
  • Office Safety Plan Available
  • OFCCP & VETS Forge Agreement
  • OFCCP Expanding "Tester" Program
  • Domestic Partner Regulations in San Francisco

ma-dot.gif April 1997
  • Minimum Wage Schedule
  • Small Employers Impacted by Supreme Court Decision
  • Skill Testing Software Available
  • E-Mail Messages Are Key Evidence in Court
  • Violence In The Workplace
  • New Employment Authorization Document
  • New FREE Reference Materials Available
  • Misleading Job Reference Liability
  • Employeesí Right to Review
  • Affirmative Action Plans Teach Employees to Pay Attention
  • Massachusetts Now Requires Sexual Harassment Policies
  • AAP Software Available
  • California Marijuana Initiative Complicates Employer Policies
  • Moonlighting While on FMLA Leave

ma-dot.gif January 1997
  • Affirmative Action After California's New Proposition 209
  • New Federal AAP Regulations
  • OSHA Reporting Time Limits Shortened
  • Expanding MSDS Documents
  • Tax Credits for Hiring
  • Free ADA Guide
  • 23 Years of Front Pay!
  • Substantially Easier Age Bias Claims
  • Off-Duty Conduct
  • Quotable Quotes
  • A Brief Word On Behalf Of Our Business
  • Letter to Clients and Friends About Discrimination

ma-dot.gif October 1996
  • New Minimum Wage
  • Terminating Workers Who Owe You Money
  • Is Overtime Confusing?
  • Stretching HR Departments
  • Avoid Retaliation Claim
  • OFCCP to Allow Extensions
  • Damage Awards Taxable
  • Retirement Incentives
  • Telecommuting Talk
  • Portability of Benefits Law
  • Glass Ceiling Settlement
  • Secrets of Affirmative Action Compliance

ma-dot.gif July 1996
  • Disability Quiz
  • Workplace Violence: Cal/OSHA Actions
  • Six Cardinal Rules for Management
  • Training Troglodytes
  • In Memoriam... Earl E. Sullaway
  • Green Cards Turn Pink
  • 100-Year-Old Temp
  • Employment References That Bite
  • Interviewing Disabled Candidates

ma-dot.gif April 1996
  • Over Qualified Applicants
  • New Implied Contract Worries
  • Workplace Weapons
  • New Reference Book
  • Dignified Terminations
  • Policy Considerations
  • Funnies
  • Changes in DOT Drug/Alcohol Testing Regulations
  • Paid Time Off Policies
  • Lowering Production Standards Not ADA Requirement

ma-dot.gif January 1996
  • New Internet Access
  • HR Internet Addresses
  • Meeting Safety
  • Workplace Violence
  • Independent Contractors
  • New Job Interview Rules
  • Religious Issues at Work
  • Revised DFEH Rules
  • Illegal Retaliation
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Elder Care Benefits
  • Reference Checking

manew.gif Gentle Readers - Past Years Collection
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