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Professional Search and Placement of Computer Programmers, Software Engineers, and Other MIS Professionals

Specialized in filling the employment needs of northern California's business and technology leaders.

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Intro. to LRA

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Linda Rogers & Associates, LRA, is a sole proprietorship with headquarters in Folsom, California. The company is fully owned and operated by Linda A. Rogers. Linda has over thirteen years of technical recruiting experience in the greater Sacramento area and nationwide. She has a Master of Science degree in Systems Management from the University of Southern California and two Bachelors degrees from the University of California at Davis.

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LRA specializes in systems and data processing, software engineering, and client server technologies on a variety of platforms. Linda Rogers & Associates can provide client companies with both contract and full time professionals. Contact LRA for information about fee schedules and contracting arrangements.

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Linda Rogers & Associates' primary goal is to provide its corporate clients with only the most qualified computer professionals. The firm has a current, on-line database of over 6000 technical and management professionals. We solicit resumes by contacting qualified individuals in the database and by networking through personal referrals. LRA also works with a small, select group of affiliate recruiting firms.

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During the typical recruitment process, potential candidates are carefully screened for technical ability and experience. The candidate's salary history and requirements are verified. If the candidate meets the client's technical requirements, Linda Rogers & Associates will check and evaluate three of the candidate's references. LRA will then submit the resume to the designated client representative. LRA will provide both the client and the candidate with all pertinent information prior to their interview and will debrief both parties following the interview. LRA is responsible for all wage and benefit negotiations with the candidate.

With regards to contract personnel provided by Linda Rogers & Associates, LRA is responsible for maintaining satisfactory standards of employee competency and observance of safety regulations . LRA is also responsible for performance appraisal actions, with respect to our employees.

Linda Rogers & Associates is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified candidates will be referred to client companies without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, sex, age, disability, or marital status.

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Linda Rogers & Associates strives to deal with its clients in a manner that is most conducive to long term relationships. For that reason, the majority of the firm's business comes from clients for whom we have provided services in the past. Over the years, we have come to know many of the high-tech and computer professionals in the Northern California area. And, we strive to maintain constant contact with these individuals. This extensive "friendly network" provides us with the resources we need to quickly and efficiently respond to our client's hiring needs. We perform all the front end and follow up work usually associated with the hiring process and have built our reputation on the ability to simplify the interview process and provide our clients with the most qualified candidates for their high-tech needs. A long list of positive references can be provided to potential corporate clients upon request.

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Companies interested in further information regarding the services provided by Linda Rogers & Associates are asked to contact our office by e-mail at for additional information. Please leave an e-mail address or phone number where you may be reached.

Experienced computer professionals who wish to learn more about current job opportunities through Linda Rogers & Associates are also asked to contact the firm at for additional information. If you wish, you may FAX a copy of your resume to us at (916) 983-9403, or e-mail it to us at

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