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Phil Wolff II

(November 08, 2000) You may remember our earlier article about , Adecco's "Vice President of Extrapreneurial Strategy and Technology". We fawned over and remarkable contributions to the movement of thinking in our industry.

We recently received his and we're wowed again.

While making the topic open to public participation, Phil offers a relatively comprehensive look at . Nice one.

In a solid essay on Labor Micromarkets, he notes:

Effectiveness is harder to come by, however. What makes a labor market work is that it consists of lots of smaller micromarkets. When you slice the US workforce by metro area, occupation, industry, and seniority, you find markets like "St. Louis Public Safety Workers" and "US Neonatal Prenatal Nurses".

Critical mass is when you have enough workers and employers that, when they play, they have a fair shot at making a match. You must have a critical mass in a micromarket to be effective in solving worker/employer matches for that market.

A look at a and the beginnings of a round out the pure Recruiting sections.

Phil just keeps on digging.


When the success of your career is based on the success of others, you need the right tools to recruit top talent.

Join us November 16 & 17 to discover fresh ideas and new strategies at in New York City.


Talent Fusion

(November 07, 2000) Careful readers will have already taken a look at Boston based . Founded by from the leadership of's , the new venture focuses on the IT Marketplace. From the website's propaganda, you'd think they had read our last week's worth of articles:
In Search of IT Talent?

As a technology-dependent organization, you are struggling to secure talent in a labor-short market. Finding and attracting Interested/Qualified� candidates is a huge battle, one you may lose without the proper weapons.

In order for your company to succeed, it is absolutely necessary that your recruitment is well-executed. Very soon, a revolutionary company will fuse the "best practices" in recruitment with the most advanced technology tools to bring you a system that delivers predictable results, rapidly scalable solutions, and reduced costs and cycle time.

We've peeked into the hearts of the founders of the operation. Watch out, once they take the wraps off.



(November 06, 2000) Here's a new spin (and a sign of what's still possible). (the anti job board) opened its doors in early September and now has nearly 150 customers in various stages of satisfaction. Operated by one of our heroes (Robert Mulcahy), the company aims to reinsert people into the internet Recruiting process.

Rapid growth, focus on service, delivery of real results and a maniacal focus on the market are at the core of the business. Above all, they're willing to promise results. We think they may be rewriting a small section of the playbook. Top 10 reasons will work for you!

  1. Where else can you find a recruiting assistant for less than $1000.00 a month?
  2. We're never late or sick and we're always eager to serve you!
  3. Why pay for resumes that you don't need?
  4. Our candidates will call you back.
  5. We contact the candidates that aren't looking for work so you don't have to.
  6. We provide potential hires not resumes.
  7. We take the search out of searching and put the hire back into hiring.
  8. We teach you how to recruit smarter.
  9. We personalize the web and build relationships with our candidates.
  10. We teach our candidates to build relationships not resumes.
Here's their 'value proposition': is putting people into the electronic recruiting mix. Our R.I.D. (Recruiter Intelligence Division) takes away all the tedious & time-consuming efforts associated with online recruiting. When you sign up with you�re getting all the benefits of having a personal recruiting staff at a fraction of the cost. Your personal Research Consulting Team allows you to focus on potential hires not useless resumes.
While it's far too early to figure out the likelihood that NotJobs will succeed in the market, it's clear that this offering is taking off fast. The difference they bring to the market looks like confirmation of the emergence of real 'candidate agency' and web driven recruiting. Their rapid ramp sales success should make everyone else take heed.


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