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NEWBIE SECTION - (Newcomers to the World Wide Web, WWW)
Issue #1: INTRO to the most common terms (coming week)
Issue #2: Learning about email and browsers
Issue #3: Netscape and Internet Explorer Differences
Issue #4: Learning to use the tools in your browser

SITE REVIEWS ( 2-3 per week)
Issue #1: Employment ( job listers - job searches) Agencies (temp.& perm) (coming week)
Issue #2: Search & Recruitment Agencies, from the user's eyes.
Issue #3: Resume Writers
Issue #4: The real big sites like: Monster.com, et al.

Issue #1: Making a plan for Business or for Recreation - Resources! (coming week)
Issue #2: Some HTML, WYSIWYG's (what you see is what you get)
Issue #3: Pro's and Con's of Do-It-Yourself, DYI.
Issue #4: Getting Started and Doing it. Free?

Issue #1: Working with agencies online (coming week)
Issue #2: Putting the Web/Internet into perspective.
Issue #3: Getting around the noise, clutter and hype.
Issue #4: Learning how others have succeeded -
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