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today's hot topics
job search:   Get back on the right career track.
on the job:   What to do if you think you're about to be laid off.
management:   Learn to coach your employees.
diversity:   Workplace diversity vs. Affirmative Action. Which is more important today?
on campus:   Make the most of your internship with these sure-fire tips!
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feature columns
Follow these links to the most recent column.

career coach: Gordon Miller
- Helping you along your career path.
new world, new work: Melissa Everett
- Green dream jobs.
bizy moms: Liz Folger
- Stay-at-home mom's guide to making money.
working wounded: Bob Rosner
- "Advice that adds insight to injury."
self-publish!: Maxine Thompson
- Stop waiting for publishers to discover you! Discover yourself!
positively speaking: Lou Stoops
- For when you're feeling down in the dumps...
say the right thing!: Ray DiZazzo
- Untie that tongue and learn to communicate!
my dead brilliant career: Jill Salter
- Laugh a little with our monthly humor columnist.
immigration law: Stephanie Marks
- Answers to your immigration/visa questions.
the writer`s life: Marjaree Mayne
- The strange and solitary life of the writer.
the working life: Caela Farren
- Keep a healthy balance inside and outside the office.
ask alison: Alison Blackman Dunham
- Managing your life and career.
disability today: Heather Eaton
- The employment of persons with disabilities.
resume advice: Kay LaRocca
- Need help writing your resume?
motivation men peptalk: The Motivation Men
- Delivering their personal kick-in-the-pants.
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"There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action."

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TRAINING WOULD-BE HIRES...SAY WHAT? -- So many companies remain apathetic to workplace training and development that it may seem preposterous to train workers before hiring them. But that's what one Ohio-based manufacturer is doing by adding a pre-certification step to its recruiting and hiring process. Click for more hr news bits

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