Source Text For Default Internet Web Site

Creating and publishing an Internet Web site is easy!

To begin, you must first create a home page for your Web site. There are a number of ways to create a Web page.

After your Web page is created, you publish the page to your Web site to create your Internet Web site. Contact your Internet Service Provider for specific details on how to accomplish this.

If you're not connected to the Internet, you'll have to establish a connection by signing up with an Internet Service Provider before you can publish your Web site. You can get connected by selecting Sign Up with an Internet Service Provider on the Small Business Server console.

For more information about the Internet and Internet connection options, click Tell me about the Internet on the Manage Internet Access page of the Small Business Server console.

Important If you replace this page (default.htm) with your own Internet home page, create a backup copy of your page. If you upgrade your Small Business Server using the Upgrade option in Small Business Server Setup, Setup will replace your existing default.htm with this instruction template for creating an intranet Web site. Note that Setup will not replace or modify any other files in the root of the WWWROOT directory. After you perform an upgrade, restore your intranet home page by copying your backup default.htm to the %systemdrive%:\INETPUB\WWWROOT directory.