TransCen, Inc.

A partner in the community working to enhance employment opportunities for all individuals.

TransCen, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1986 to assist at-risk youth and other disenfranchised jobseekers secure integrated employment within the community. TransCen is an active partner in the communities it serves:

• Metropolitan Washington, DC
• Los Angeles
• San Francisco
• Atlanta
• Chicago
• Fairfax County, VA

TransCen also provides comprehensive training packages nationwide for rehabilitation professionals, school-to-work transition specialists, special education administrators and teachers, government agencies, private companies, trade associations, and advocacy groups. TransCen has expertise to provide training in the following areas:
• School-to-Work Transition
• School/Business Partnerships
• Job Development Strategies
• Disability & Diversity in the Workplace
• Work-Based Learning
• Supported Employment

Some of TransCen's past and current clients include:
• Union Station
• The Architect of the Capitol
• NationsBank
• Aspen Publishers, Inc.
• Chicago Public Schools
• University of Maryland
• U.S. Department of Education
• U.S. Department of Labor

TransCen gains expertise not only from years of providing training on workplace issues, but also from researching and designing, as well as implementing and administering, a vast array of school-to-work transition programs that focus on integrated, competitive employment within the community. TransCen provides career exploration consultation, technical assistance, job development strategies and other tools to help rehabilitation professionals and career transition specialists provide the guidance necessary to assist at-risk youth as they become independent adults. TransCen also works closely with the business community to help employers meet their human resources needs and address issues of business vitality. TransCen also publishes a wide range of training manuals, journal articles, information materials, and resource guides. TransCen staff are widely sought speakers and published throughout North America.

For additional information about our products and programs, or training and consultation services, please contact us at:

TransCen, Inc.
451 Hungerford Drive, Suite 700  · Rockville, MD 20850
Phone: 301-424-2002  · Fax: 301-251-3762  · TDD: 301-309-2435

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